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Putting the right risk controls in place is important, but making sure they stay controlled is just as important. When completing risk assessments and planning, you need to introduce measures, to ensure the workplace stays safe to ensure continued safety.

Things you can do are to make sure everyone in the workplace is clear who has responsibility for what.
All employers have to summarise this in a health and safety policy.
Where companies employ five or more people these policies should be written down and the policy and show it to the employees. Employees also have responsibilities to co-operate with their employer’s efforts to improve health and safety and to look out for each other.

You can also make regular, planned checks of the workplace to look for risks that may have been overlooked, or people who are not working safely. Remember that things change, equipment wears out, people forget their training, and do not always follow rules, especially when they think they have found a quicker or better way of getting the job done. Do not forget maintenance. Be guided by manufacturers’ recommendations when working out your own maintenance schedules for items such as vehicles, lift trucks, ventilation plant, ladders, portable electrical equipment, protective clothing and equipment, and machine guards.

Investigate when things go wrong. If there is an injury or near-miss, don’t just blame someone or look for a quick fix. Use your investigation to learn more about how well you are managing health and safety.
Follow up absences from work. There may be a work-related illness you did not know about, or there could be things that you can do to help people get back to work.
Review where you are every year or two, to make sure you are still improving or at least not sliding back. Look at your health and safety policy and risk assessment again. Have there been any changes? Are there improvements you still need to make? Have you learnt something from accidents or near-misses? Make sure your risk assessments stay up to date.

Risk assessing is not a one off, you need to keep working to ensure that the are effective and accurate.