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The I in TILE represents the individual performing the activity. It is important to establish if they need special training for the task or are required to be unusually strong, tall or need to deal with complex information. Are they pregnant or have they recently given birth? Do they suffer from any pre-existing medical conditions that could be affected by the task? Or if they have any physical or learning difficulties? Does the individual have specific training for the task or do they need to have a particular attribute in order to complete that task? Do they need to be tall, unusually strong or need to deal with complex information to complete the task? When controlling risk for the individual, it is most important to take into account their capability. Tasks must be explained fully and carefully, ensuring that the employee knows exactly what is involved. Their capability should be carefully monitored by supervision. Employees should always inform line managers if their capacity to undertake manual handling task is reduced or affected.

Changes in practices and procedures need to be made if an individual's capacity is reduced even if this is only for a temporary period. Employers have a duty to inform employees the full details of the tasks they are expected to undertake which would include details of load including its weight. If the employee is pregnant, there must be a workplace procedure to protect them from harm or injury. If excessive work rates are expected from the individual, it is possible that they may feel under pressure to cut corners. Ensure that any deadlines that they are set are achievable within safety measures. Suitable protective equipment and clothing should be provided for the task at hand and the employer must provide adequate training.