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Few workplaces stay the same and do not make changes to their workplace practices. When new equipment is introduced, substances and procedures that could lead to new hazards. It makes sense, to review what you are doing on an ongoing basis.

Every year or so formally review where you are, to make sure you are still improving, or at least not sliding back. Look at your risk assessment again. Have there been any changes?
Are there improvements you still need to make?
Have your workers spotted a problem? Have you learnt anything from accidents or near misses?

Make sure your risk assessment stays up to date. When you are running a business it’s all too easy to forget about reviewing your risk assessment, until something has gone wrong and it’s too late. Set a review date for this risk assessment now, write it down and note it in your diary as an annual event.

During the year, if there is a significant change, don’t wait. Check your risk assessment and, where necessary, amend it. If possible, it is best to think about the risk assessment when you’re planning your change, that way you leave yourself more flexibility.